Learn more about Substance Use/Misuse in Maine

The following materials on the Maine Drug Data Hub provide site users with data analyses, stories, presentations, and policy briefs regarding substance use and substance use disorder in the State of Maine.

Unlike other portions of the data hub that focus on providing data metrics, on this page you will find materials to put that data, and the issues surrounding the overdose epidemic, in context. Also contained in the materials below is information regarding the State of Maine’s response to the overdose crisis and its efforts to support individuals and families affected by substance-use disorder.

Maine Drug Data Hub: Interactive Data Analyses/Info-Briefs

Maine Drug Data Hub: What is the opioid epidemic and why is it happening?
Fentanyl: Fueling Drug Overdoses in Maine and Across the United States
Maine Drug Data Hub: Recovery 101: Surviving Substance Use
Maine Drug Data Hub: Homelessness & Substance Use Disorder: Understanding Maine's most Vulnerable Population

Maine Drug Data Hub: Policy Briefs and Presentations

Maine's Overdose Data and the Fentanyl Epidemic. Presentation by Dr. Marcella Sorg to the Health and Human Services Committee (1/22)

Stories of Recovery and Affected Others

For more stories of recovery or to share your story please visit: https://knowyouroptions.me/stories/

Maine’s 5th annual opioid response summit

Policy Presentations

Governor's Office of Policy Innovation and the Future, Gordon Smith, Director of Opioid Response. The Road Ahead, Looking back on 2021 and Maine's Opioid Response strategy and priorities for 2022