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The Maine Naloxone Distribution Initiative

In July of 2019, the Maine Naloxone Distribution Initiative began ordering and distributing state-purchased naloxone to community organizations, clinical sites, and end-users throughout the State of Maine to distribute free of charge. These organizations, known as Tier Two Distributors, order their naloxone kits from one of four Tier One Distributors who disseminate naloxone to Maine’s sixteen counties. These Tier One organizations are Bangor Public Health, MaineGeneral, Portland Public Health, and Maine Access Points. Tier Two organizations can either keep their naloxone on hand in case of emergencies at their facility, as is the case with schools, some community organizations and businesses, or if they are engaged with high-risk individuals as part of their community work they can work as redistributors, dispensing their naloxone kits to end-users to facilitate the reversal of private overdoses in the community.

Source: University of Maine, Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center, Maine Naloxone Distribution Initiative.

The MNDI Tier One Naloxone Distributors

Bangor PubliC Health
Maine General
Maine Access Points
Portland Public Health

Join a growing number of community organizations and clinical sites distributing naloxone in the State of Maine!

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