Find Naloxone in Maine

The following resource locator dashboard allows users to find a local source of naloxone.

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To manipulate the map, use the zoom tools, choose your town, select the type of naloxone distributor and select how far you are willing to drive to get naloxone. Hover your cursor over the pinpoints on the map to view the name and location of the facility.

The types of naloxone distributors include:

  • Syringe access programs – Syringe access programs listed by the Maine CDC
  • OPTIONS Liaisons – There can be one or multiple Liaisons or OPTIONS Recovery Coaches assigned to each Maine county. For more information
  • Pharmacies – Registered and licensed pharmacies in Maine (may require insurance or private pay)
  • Public T2 Distribution Point – Public facing naloxone distributors in the Maine Naloxone Distribution Initiative

The map contains several tabs with the following information:

  • A directory tab: this is searchable and contains all the naloxone facilities referenced on the map.
  • An about tab: this contains definitions of the types of facilities referenced on the map and the services they typically provide.
  • A Search Map subtab: this contains the searchable map

If you are interested in distributing State-supplied naloxone visit:

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To reset or manipulate the map camera hit the home button or zoom in or out.

Source: This substance use disorder GIS tool was created by Kathryn Ballingall a research associate, and Peter O’Brien a research assistant at the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center at the University of Maine with data and collaboration from the Rural Drug and Alcohol Research Program at the University of Maine.