Substance Exposed/affected Infant Dashboard

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The State of Maine is experiencing a surge of fatal and nonfatal overdoses driven by both the increased lethality of the drug supply due to fentanyl and the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. Also increasing is the misuse of opioids during pregnancy. Being exposed to opioids and other substances (both licit and illicit) during pregnancy can result in Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. To address this concern, Maine is monitoring the prevalence of substance-exposed/affected infants born in the state and is improving care for pregnant and postpartum people with opioid use disorder and their infants by integrating material and substance use treatment services with the MaineMOM initiative.

The following visualization contains the number and percentage of substance exposed/affected infants in Maine from 2012-2020. There also is a data table containing county population and percent of population, percentage of babies born in Maine in each county, number of substance exposed/affected infants born by county, and percentage of babies born substance exposed/affected in Maine by county. New data will be added when it becomes available.

Navigation Instructions

The data in this dashboard are fully interactive. Users can select specific counties or combinations of counties, specific years, or ranges of years. Maps, graphs, and data tables can be downloaded by using the download button at the bottom of the visualization. Remember, you can always reload the page to restore the default view of the visualization or press the reset button at the bottom of the visualization.

Please note, there are three major limitations to this data:

  1. Not all Maine hospitals diagnose substance exposed/affected infants the same way.
  2. Some hospitals include marijuana exposure while others exclude it.
  3. Some individuals seek care and give birth in counties where they do not reside.

Source: Tableau dashboard created by Dr. Fuyu Xu Ph.D. a Research Associate at the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center at the University of Maine with data and collaboration from the Rural Drug and Alcohol Research Program at the Center. Substance exposed/affected infant data from The Annie E. Casey Foundation, Kids Count, Babies born exposed/affect to substances in Maine. It is important to note that in Maine not all hospitals diagnose SEI the same way, some hospitals include marijuana exposure while others exclude it, and some people seek medical care in counties where they do not reside.